Evervent Provides White-label Integration With the Non-Insurance Product to NBFC’s & Micro-Finance Organizations.

White-label integration is the process of integrating a third-party product or service into a company’s existing platform, branding it as its own, and offering it to its customers. Non-insurance companies can leverage white-label integration to offer insurance products as part of their offerings. Here are some of the key process and features involved in white-label integration with non-insurance products:

Seamless Integration: The integration of insurance products with non-insurance products must be seamless and should not cause any disruptions to the existing product or user experience. This requires careful planning and testing to ensure that the integration is smooth and efficient.

Branding and Customization: The insurance product should be fully customizable and branded to match the non-insurance company’s branding and design. This includes customizing the user interface, branding the insurance policy, and integrating it into the non-insurance product flow.

Automated Underwriting and Policy Issuance: The integration should allow for automated underwriting and policy issuance to minimize manual intervention and streamline the process for customers. This can help reduce costs and improve the speed and efficiency of policy issuance.

Integrated Customer Support: Non-insurance companies should provide integrated customer support for insurance products. This includes providing access to support agents and integrating insurance-related support into the existing customer support channels.

Flexible Pricing and Commission Structure: The non-insurance company should have the flexibility to set its pricing and commission structure for the insurance products. This allows the company to offer competitive pricing and commission rates that align with its business model and customer needs.

Real-Time Data and Analytics: The integration should provide real-time data and analytics that enable the non-insurance company to track the performance of the insurance products and make data-driven decisions. This can help identify opportunities for improvement and optimize the performance of the insurance products.

Overall, Evervent’s white-label integration can help NBFC’s & Micro-Finance organizations (non-insurance companies) to expand their offerings and provide additional value to their customers. By seamlessly integrating insurance products with their existing products, non-insurance companies can improve customer satisfaction and retention while generating additional revenue.

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